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Bill Naugle Personal Testimony and Story

Bill Naugle Personal Christian Testimony

This is my personal Christian testimony about the abuse that I put my body thru and the consequences that I am dealing with at the present. The discipline I am receiving is great suffering that I never thought I would have to go thru and it is from God. I am not blaming God now, although at the first I did. Most people when they see me have no idea of the poor health that I am experiencing.
Consequences: I do not get out of the house much because I do not have the strength. My body is basically skin and bones at this point and I do not know if I will really recover. It is in the Hands of God and whatever He thinks best. My muscles are so small that I cannot walk very long before I will have to sit down. There are many things that are too heavy for me to lift, things you may take for granted. I could not move my furniture around even if I wanted to. I still can do most things in the kitchen but taking a shower requires most of my strength and I will have to sit down as soon as I get out.

Most people are shocked when they learn about what I can only eat. I am only eating a few raw vegetables at the present, in fact my entire diet consists of Organic: Lettuce, Cucumbers, Cabbage and Celery along with about one quarter of a peanut per day. If I change my diet from this regiment  of eating I will get extremely sick that will last for days and it will keep me down so I cannot basically do anything. I have to eat almost every 2 hours because raw vegetables do not stay with you very long before you begin to salivate.
Because my body is not receiving enough nutrients it has determined the kind of weight I am experiencing. I am about six feet tall and only 100 pounds. I have a good friend Ed and brother in Christ who runs errands for me like going to the store to buy me food. Not only is my body weak but my mind is not near the alertness that I had of just a few years ago. I have been dealing with this condition of my run down body for about 3 years and the Doctors say it is incurable. In time I will either get better or pass on.

The psychological effects of not having enough nutrients for your body does also alter your mind. I get dizzy at times and cannot remember my next thought. I am 62 years old but that has nothing to do with my mind not being alert. Three years ago my memory was beyond most people. I do not sleep very well at all, sometimes only 4 or 5 hours per night, but when I get up I will have to sit on my couch because I cannot stand for very long.

I also deal with a lot of fears in my mind that I know are not real but because I lack many important nutrients I cannot function sometimes as a normal person. I will have to stop for a few seconds to gain my next thought. I cannot take any medicine or be around any chemicals, even some cleaners will make me sick. Just breathing in some fumes will take me down.

I only drink Pure Life bottle water because it agrees with me the most. My skin is dry and I flake so you may see dandruff on me. My breath is bad and I cannot take anything for it. Most people talk to me from a distance and I do not blame them. The people in my church called: Mosaic are very understanding and pray for me as well as being a great support.
I live in the northern part of the United States and it gets cold most of the year. I have to keep my heat in my house turned up to 78 degrees in order to tolerate the atmosphere. When I go outside I wear 2 shirts, one sweatshirt, 3 coats and one of them is a battery heated coat and I still get cold. I move as fast as I can to get into a vehicle that has been warmed up.

Update is now I have to go by Wheel Chair to Church or other outside activities. I can only walk as far as one room at a time before having to be seated for a while. My leg muscles are very weak and I cannot stand for very long.

When inside of the Church I still need more heat because for me it still is very cold in there compared to my house. I also have a small electric heater that we plug in and it is placed right in front of me to blow hot air on towards me during the meetings. Thank God for this extra help, so that I am able to sit thru a service. I do not take off any of my coats when inside of the Church or at a friend's house otherwise I would be cold. I long for summer.
What diagnosis do the Doctors give me? They say I have extreme food allergies, under weight and basically poor nutrition. I cannot take any medication that they might prescribe because I also would react against it and may die within hours. I urinate almost every hour except when sleeping I can hold it almost 2 hours. I get up several times a night but that is the way it is.

I read a lot and pray hoping for things to get better and trust God for the kind of outcome He wants. I will listen to the Bible online when my mind is not alert enough to read. People from the Church and family will visit with me during the week which is a great comfort to me.

Things that I deal with daily include doing some computer repair out of my home so I am not passive. It is very time consuming cutting up raw vegetables all day and requires much of my time especially when eating every 2 hours. I am anxious much of the time because of poor nutrition. I deal with frustration because there are many things that I cannot do myself.

I also need much padding and cushion where I sit because my bones cannot rest just on any hard surface or chair. I wonder from day to day how I will feel because much of the time I feel weak. At the present I deal with constipation, some kidney pain, runny nose and a weak mind that has trouble concentrating. What brought me to this condition?
The abuse: It did not happen overnight and that is why it is difficult to give an exact explanation. I have pretty much always had to deal with some kind of health issue. I had to function daily from a small child with respiratory allergies with hacking and sneezing during the Spring and Fall, foot fungus, weak kidneys, frequent colds and sometimes skin rashes. I did not think much about when I was a child but when I began to get into my twenties I would have more traumatic illnesses like pleurisy which it took about a month to recover.

God began to show me the problem and that was my diet was very poor in receiving the proper nutrients and also I had a need to eliminate what we called junk food which is really not food at all. Unfortunately I was a slow learner and it took years before I began to almost completely eliminate junk from my diet. In my early 30's I began to eat much food that was organically grown and that was when my health was the best, however it only lasted a few years and I would go back to eat like everyone else.

All my allergies cleared up but not completely but where I could easily manage them so that they would not bother me during work or daily life. When I went back to eat like most people my digestion system did not work properly. I would have diarrhea sometimes or it would turn into constipation. I also would deal with headaches, kidney pain, heartburn, fear due to improper nutrition and other annoying things. But it would take years again before I would learn. I my mid 40's I began to eat much better eating much organically grown food but unfortunately I ate some junk with it, but my health did improve over a long period of months.
You would think that I would get the picture between my diet and health but I still lacked Bible knowledge on this subject. So I began to see what God had to say because He created us and knows more about nutrition than anyone else including Doctors. I got into Whole Grain Wheat baking my own bread, starting with wheat berries grinding it into flour and then making a very healthy bread. I was preparing real food made in its natural state which was the best you could eat like raw fruits and vegetables. Things were much better as far as my health was concerned.

My downfall as it was before was it lasted only a few years and when I went back I would experience the same painful symptoms that I had previously. When I got into my mid 50's my health was poor and I knew it but I changed very little towards God 's Way of eating in its natural form. I would experience more frequent kidney pain with a trace of blood in my urine and I would get colds easily.
Then towards my late 50's I made a major mistake and turned to a New  Age remedy called "hydrogen peroxide food grade" which is designed to supply more oxygen to the blood system that would aid the body to heal itself from almost any disease including cancer. I thought this would help my weak kidneys get better, but it backfired on me because it was not God's Way. I use hydrogen peroxide food grade in the most smallest doses that you can dilute as a safe guard from overdose.

I did this for about 4 months a few times a week but even after 2 months I would see negative signs but just ignored them. I developed a very itchy skin rash with some abdominal pain but I had incredible energy. You would think I would catch on and learn but I was still slow about understanding the issue before me and one day I got extremely sick with symptoms like the Flu but a little different and it lasted for about 4 days. I stopped using hydrogen peroxide food grade altogether but little did I know it was too late. I developed hydrogen peroxide food grade poisoning which there is no known cure. All of the symptoms that I told you about earlier are what I deal with now daily and it is no picnic.
My entire health could of been great even into later years in life if only I would of listen to God and eat real food created by Him. The Bible has much to say on the subject and I would be glad to share more with you. I am now dealing with God's discipline and correction in my life but I must live with the consequences unless God does a miracle.

Read: 1Corinthians 3:16-17 "Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple." Some say that these verses refer to the corporate Church and others say it refers to your individual body. Let me tell you why I believe it could be both because it says the Spirit dwells in you which is in your individual body.
I have destroyed my temple by not eating properly and misusing unscriptural healing methods. Therefore God's judgment is upon me for how long He wants and this I accept even if I go home early. Everybody says it won't happen to me but think again.  My advice to you would be to learn by example of good and bad that people do, so you can avoid the terrible pain I am going thru. Ask God to give you power to eat His way. Get off all junk like coffee, donuts, ice cream, cookies, cakes, potato chips, pizza, pop and all process foods. This is my personal Christian testimony. God's Grace is enough!

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  1. Thank You for sharing and may the Lord continue to work in you and through You .Granting you a spirit of Wisdom and Understanding in a fuller knowing of Him!